Thursday, December 30, 2004

God smites thousands in Christmas card to environmentalists

The IllinoisLeader's Joyce Morrison says the tsunami is God's warning to environmentalists to stop taking away people's property rights, damn it! At least she didn't blame this natural disaster on radio waves from Alaska in a plot by environmentalists to create heritage corridors. She gives a lot of tsunami facts, throws in the usual paragraph about abortion and a few other random gripes, then launches into the nuttiness:
    Nature mocks the extreme environmentalists and the billions of dollars they spend in their attempt to take over every eco-sphere, endangered species, wetlands, forest or whatever they can. While they worship the creation and try to take control, they have forgotten the power of the Creator. The tsunami waves proved to be far more powerful than any preservation program.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't recall hearing about any nature preserves or heritage corridors being destroyed by God's fury. No, mostly it was the hotels. The villages. The roads, boats and trains. The people. And let's face it, if a nature preserve were destroyed, would it even make the news? Would anyone halfway across the world care? Doubt it. In fact, if a natural area occasionally gets hit by a hurricane, or a fire or some other natural disaster, the nature area can bounce back on its own. It doesn't cost billions upon billions to rebuild. Having missed that obvious point, Morrison leaves us this little morsel to chew on:
    Could God be reminding us that He is still in control? Is the second return of Jesus near? Will God remain passive as we mock His son's birth? These are questions only He can answer.
Only He can answer, indeed.


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