Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Let the idiot speak

Hillbilly couture, for those not in the know. It's kind of funny, I was driving around yesterday and tuned into nazi radio...I guess Rush Limbaugh was out so he had some replacement hosting his show. So the host laid this story out in a very head-shaking tone. Usually, I'd say it's conservatives applauding the cracking down on outrageous garb in high schools, but somehow this was made out to be an example of how liberal school administrators are running amok and are going too far enforcing P.C. All that to say, this girl has been elevated to some kind of conservative folk hero status. Personally, I think the girl should have been allowed to wear the dress -- now, thanks to censorship, this girl's probably going to get a bunch of money from the Coors family and run for Congress or something. Whereas, if you don't try to silence free speech, few really notice or care. The worst that would have happened is that the principal would have gotten some of angry phone calls from other parents and possibly some a few scornful letters to the editor of the local paper. To that principal, I say "couldn't you have taken one for the team?" Anyway, there are some pretty amusing postings on this topic on the Free Republic. One a press release from the Georgia Heritage Coalition, where they carefully describe the dress' features: "It was a classically cut strapless sheath, ankle-length with a shallow slit on one side, and sewn completely out of beaded sequins. And it tastefully incorporated a symbol of her Southern heritage..." They were also sure to note that the girl is "an attractive honor student." I guess that makes it okay to violate school rules and disobey your school's principal. Thems family values, right there.


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