Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pondering a draft campaign

I think someone needs to start a draft campaign to find a superstar opponent to John Stroger for Cook County Board President. Has to be someone with a Chicago/Cook County connection. I found a list of famous people born in Chicago, and no one was jumping out at me. Of course, the list is very much incomplete. So I thought about it a little more and here are a few people who come to mind: Tina Fey, who lived in Chicago for a few years, is an obvious choice. She would make a *superb* Cook County Board President. Fellas, you know what I'm talking bout. The only problem is, we'd have to lure her away from New York. I'll put her name in the "maybe" column. If we can't get Tina Fey, then I think Jeff Tweedy would have to be our second option. Or maybe Billy Corgan. I heard that actor John Mahoney (of Frasier fame) lives in Oak Park...he'd be a kick ass candidate for Cook County Board President. Bob Newhart maybe? Bill Murray was born in Wilmette. He'd be unbeatable. Based on his character in Caddy Shack, I know he'd also be a good steward of the Cook County Forest Preserve. Wesley Willis is dead, but I'm not sure about psychiatrist Aftab Noorani. Michael Flatley, aka Lord of the Dance, who my father babysat many years ago, would be an interesting choice. Okay, I'm reaching here. Come on, help me out. Let me know your suggestions for Cook County Board President draft candidates.


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