Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Scary stuff at the Illinois Leader

To date, this is probably the most disturbed and convoluted article I've read on the And that is really saying something. Kellmeyer argues that it's okay to kill Muslims, that doing so is an act of love. He makes the argument that Islam is a brutal religion, and that Osama bin Laden is a "good Muslim" because he supposedly closely follows the teachings. Though Kellmeyer begins the article by singling out Muslim leaders, it's pretty clear that by the second to last paragraph where he quotes Saint Louis that he's really talking about killing Muslims in general. What this amounts to is basically an argument for widespread violence against Muslims. The political implications are clear: Kellmeyer is probably in a roundabout way justifying the Iraq war. But someone might just as easily read this and take it as a cue to bomb a mosque (where all the "good Muslims" are), or more likely at least be sympathetic to someone who does. A bit of advice: If you think Kellmeyer's article makes sense, GET HELP!!!


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