Thursday, December 09, 2004

Added link

It's long overdue, but I added the CTA Tattler to the list of links. One of my favorites. When I read it, fondly reflect on my years of voyages to and from the West Side, and all the characters I met along the way. For instance, when I first started riding the CTA in 2000, within a month, I saw two different people who were not shy about snorting coke on the train -- but after that I never saw open drug use on the train again. Hmmm. Over the years, I've also seen one purse snatching, one fainting, one sex act, one fist fight, one eight-year-old gangbanger flash a piece, one defecation, one driver stopping the bus to douse his cologne over a rather smelly homeless guy, and I've seen many, many amusing/creepy drunks. As much as I hate the way the CTA leadership and the city manipulate riders, I'm also very grateful that I can hop on the CTA and get anywhere I need to go, and despite all the freaky things that happen, it's usually pretty safe and sane.


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