Sunday, December 26, 2004

Grazing on a Sunday afternoon

Some delightful cud from various news sources: Federal investigation of GOP lobbiest, tribal gaming, Congressmen and, yes, the obligitory gangland slaying (Washington Post) Little number on Lipinski's career and legacy (Chicago Tribune) College GOP fundraising scrutinized (Washington Post) Exit polls show Yuschenko ahead (but we know from experience there is no accounting for vote fraud in exit polls) (AP) Commendations to the State of Washington GOP (AP) -- After years of Republicans trying to supress the counting of votes through lawsuits and questionable decisions of the party's election officials, the Wash. GOP is casting all that aside and declaring proudly "let's count all the votes." By the way, we're adding Rossi's name to our list of potential challengers in the 2006 senate races. Colo. Sen.-elect Salazar predicts bloody fight if Frist kills filibuster (AP) -- by the way, Frist is totally wrong about the filibustering of judicial nominees being "unconstitutional" -- where in the hell does he get that? What happens to your e-mail after you die? (Daily Southtown) Rich Miller declares 2004 the weirdest year yet in Illinois politics (Daily Southtown) -- And the article could have been so much longer.


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