Tuesday, October 19, 2004

More congressional endorsements

2nd district: Stephanie Kennedy Sailor Jesse Jackson Jr. seems to be making a big power play lately. He's running around pretending we need this proposed third Chicago airport in Peotone, which is out in the middle of nowhere -- and the people of Peotone have been fighting to keep it that way. He says it's about jobs, but what it's really about is handing out big contracts. Not only that, Jr. is notorious for proposing new, unnecessary amendments to the Constitution. I think there are already too many Jesse Jackson Jrs. running around, both in Congress and in the Chicago political circles. Sailor, on the other hand, would be an honest representative who would be accessible and accountable to the people. Don't believe me? Check out her web site. It's loaded with info on her positions and even has a blog, complete with love/hate mail. That's a nice touch. Now compare it to Jackson's web site. Since the audio and video messages are dead links, I guess the only thing Jackson has to say can be found in a big yellow box at the bottom of the page. Sailor is endorsed. 3rd district: Krista Grimm I discussed my reasoning for endorsing Grimm's write-in campaign in a previous post. But if you're too lazy to do the write-in thing correctly, at least vote for Chlada. Nobody -- not even a Lipinski -- should get into the capitol through the back door. 4th district: Luis Gutierrez I'm not sure, but I think Gutierrez, translated, means "the flaky one." I mean, saying, as he did, that there is no more corruption in Cicero is about as ridiculous as saying there's no more water in Lake Michigan. Obviously, he was saying that to appease the real powerbrokers behind the scenes. That's just one weird little thing of many that he's done in the past few years as he builds up a lot of favors leading up to his shot at his dream: Running for mayor of Chicago in 2007 or 2011. But in looking over his opponents this time around, I didn't see much potential there. Gutierrez is grudgingly endorsed. 5th district: Rahm Emanuel Emanuel has been in Congress for about two years and has managed to gain a high profile -- he's definitely a rising star who can do a lot of good for his district. So he's endorsed.


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