Saturday, October 16, 2004

Damn, just as I was set to endorse Chlada....

Here I was all set to announce my endorsement for the third congressional district, and then this article in the Chicago Tribune throws a wrench into my scheme: "Write-in campaign targets Lipinski" Here's a summary: Krista Grimm of LaGrange Park is staging a write-in campaign against the "coronation" of Democrat Dan Lipinski, who through some backroom dealing was appointed to replace his father, the very powerful Rep. Bill Lipinski, on the Nov. ballot. Dan's other opponent in the race is Republican Ryan Chlada, a man who is widely believed to have been planted by the Big Lipinski on the ticket to give little opposition to Dan. Grimm, like many, was sickened by this situation and decided to do something about it and run a write-in campaign. Based on the Tribune article, she seems like she would make an excellent U.S. Congresswoman. To learn more about her, visit But just in case you were wondering, I was originally going to endorse Chlada, based solely on the amusement factor. See, if Chlada won, being a plant and all, he'd have to resign his seat immediately or else possibly face brutal consequences. Then Blagojevich would have to appoint a replacement. And that replacement would be, you guessed it, Dan Lipinski. So my argument was, since your vote wouldn't have affected the outcome, why not at least make the people involved in this sham election squirm a little. Now, with Grimm in the running, your vote does count for something. And I encourage you to put an end to divine providence in the third district, take a little extra time in the polling booth and write in Krista Grimm.


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