Thursday, October 14, 2004

Morrison lectures us about laziness, and like 50 other things

It's kind of funny to hear a lecture about taking the time to do independent research coming from Illinois Leader rantaholic Joyce Morrison. It's kind of like President Bush lecturing Kerry on sound fiscal policy, or like Tony Soprano, well, you get the picture. In one of her assertions (I usually check her assertions out, just to make sure, but after her opening lecture, I'm just a little tired, so I'll take her word for it), she says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is biased for endorsing Kerry. Well, gee, it is an opinion, after all. What did you expect? Would it more or less biased if they had endorsed Bush instead? The rant really beings when she talks about an encounter with a pro-choicer. She says this about a hypothetical candidate for abortion and her hypothetical male partner: "She made her choice when she slept with the guy." Wow. What simple, ideal times we must live in. Nobody is ever raped. Nobody is the victim of incest. Nobody has any kind of health problem that might become fatal during childbirth. Of course! Morrison also blames U.S. jobs going overseas on "rigid environmental standards." I guess it has little to do with the fact that these companies can get away with paying foreign workers 20 cents a week. It's mostly the environmental laws. Yep. She rants on and on about how great Bush is and how bad Kerry is. At one point she blames environmentalists for blocking the removal of dead trees which create the conditions for massive forest fires. I direct your attention to the San Francisco Chronicle:
    "California officials accused the Bush administration Thursday of ignoring urgent pleas months ago for emergency help to remove beetle-infested trees that experts warned could fuel a catastrophic Southern California fire. "The U.S. Senate passed controversial legislation Thursday allowing the thinning of forests across the West, and another debate erupted over whether dire warnings about a bark beetle infestation were ignored in Washington. In April, Gov. Gray Davis requested $430 million to remove unhealthy trees on 415, 000 acres of forest, but the request for emergency funds went unanswered until last week -- and then was denied."
Under Morrison's logic, Bush must be an environmental extremist, because it was him that blocked the removal of dead trees which created conditions for last year's Southern California forest fires -- one of the worst fires in U.S. history. I guess this is another example of Bush's "common sense" approach.


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