Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Keyes addresses students on generic "gay family member"

Keyes responds, indirectly, to the whole daughter/lesbian thing in a candidate forum with high school students (from CBS-2 News):
    Other students asked Keyes about his stand on gay marriage. During the Republican National Convention in August, the two-time presidential candidate and former talk show host called homosexuality "selfish hedonism" and said that applied to Vice President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter. Asked Wednesday if he would support a family member who was gay and wanted to get married, Keyes responded: "I couldn't." "You're asking me a personal question, right, in terms of what I'd say to a family member. And that has to be governed by my personal conscience, and my personal conscience is shaped by my faith, and my faith is very clear: That homosexual relationships are sinful and wrong, and I will not not facilitate my children, whom I love, in going down a path that, according to my faith, leads to a kind of death that's worse than physical death," Keyes said. "You don't love somebody if you become the facilitator of the destruction of their spiritual and moral life," he said.
The forum also quizzed Obama separately. It will air on Sunday on WTTW-11 at 6 p.m.


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These gems from the mouth of Big Daddy Keyes seems apprapo to post now. Captured by archpundidt

One thing for sure, Ambassador Keyes is a true believer. I don't know whether that makes me want to laugh or cry.

Now where is that link to a transcript of the Keyes August interview where he talks repeatedly about homosexuals using their "organs" in ways that God did not intend them for, ergo they are "selfish hedonists". What is it with moralists and their focus on other peoples' gay organs.

This Maya entry is from March 3rd

"I remembered pieces of some of my (numerous) conversation/arguments with my parents on the subject of homosexuality. My father, in the middle of explaining why queers are all intrinsically awful people, no matter how lovely they may seem… in the end his argument came down to basically, It’s inherently selfish to be queer because no matter if we say we’re in love it’s only for selfish reasons (read: we just want to hump like bunnies and don’t really care about anything else but physical pleasure) because we don’t have CHILDREN like the beautiful selfless heterosexuals. Ergo, queers live only for self-gratification and no matter what else goes on in their lives, ultimately (consciously or subconsciously) our entire existence is directed towards the purpose of self-seeking pleasure; queers are not capable of anything but selfish actions whether we know it or not. Along the same vein, my mother, after meeting on one of my friends (one of the sweetest, smartest, politest boys I know; someone who would be great to bring home to parents. Any parents but mine.) who she couldn’t help but like, took a while to think of something disparaging to say about him because it is against her principles to actually like any of my friends and finally decided that she didn’t, after all, like him because he had a weak mouth as a result of being one of those homosexuals. She says that homosexuals are all inherently weak people, just as they are all inherently selfish people, because they don’t know how to deny themselves anything."
Posted by ArchPundit on Sunday September 26, 2004

Ah here it is:
Q&A with Alan Keyes on homosexual relationships

"That means that it (gay relationship) is a self-centered, self-fulfilling, selfish relationship that seeks to use the organs intended for procreation for purposes of pleasure."

"...that it is the pursuit of pleasure through the use of the organs intended for procreation in order to satisfy selfish and self-centered purposes.
That, by the way, is an objective fact."

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