Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Maybe a nut job is EXACTLY what this state needs

I went over to the Illinois Leader site for my weekly environmental scare courtesy of Joyce Morrison, and came across a rather amusing string on their message board entitled "obama[sic] is a muslim[sic]." Most anyone who even loosely pays attention to Illinois politics knows the assertion made in the title is completely wrong. Dan Proft, publisher of the site, set everybody straight, saying that Obama is a Christian, and he was sure to issue this caution to his fellow conservatives:
    "There is no need to distort Obama's personal identity (not that there would be anything wrong if he was Muslim), there is plenty of legitimate fodder in his legislative record and positions on the issues with which to make hay."
I was wondering how we're supposed to interpret this. Is he telling conservatives to intentionally distort his legislative record? If so, is that an okay thing to do? Is that in the Scriptures somewhere? He goes on:
    "It's not a matter of who are the "nut jobs"'s a matter of who is right for the future of IL and the US and who is not."
This seems to be an admission that the right person to represent Illinois in the nation's highest legislative body may well indeed be a nut job. Hmmm. He also was sure to note that he's a paid staffer for Alan Keyes.


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