Monday, September 20, 2004

Maybe Bush ain't as yella as originally thought

After a few weeks of shaking in his boots, President Bush finally agreed to debate John Kerry. Kerry had accepted the debate commission's recommendations for three 90-minute, televised debates leading up to the election, but Bush wasn't so sure. Media reports indicate that Bush was hoping for a lousy two debates -- runnign the risk of being forever branded yelloW. But in the end, Bush decided to face the music. Good man. So, get out your date book and set your VCRs (from the Washington Post):
    "The first debate will be Sept. 30 at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla. The second one -- with the town-hall format -- will be at Washington University in St. Louis on Oct. 8, and the third at Arizona State University in Tempe on Oct. 13. "There will be a vice presidential debate between Vice President Cheney and Democratic nominee John Edwards at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland on Oct. 5."
To the surprise of none, it appears Ralph Nader will not be participating in the debate. The audiences will be filled with "soft" Bush supporters and "soft" Kerry supporters. Representatives for both sides are still hoping to agree what percentage of the audience will be "April fresh."


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