Monday, September 20, 2004

Human rights

So my fiance and myself were coming home late and we see a college age guy sitting under a streetlight in a patch of grass on the corner with his back pack, apparently waiting for a ride. What made this unusual is that he was sitting in a meditative pose. I guess yoga can happen anywhere. As we're entering our house struggling to carry all kinds of stuff and open our door the kid comes up to us holding a clipboard. He starts telling us about the Human Rights Campaign -- which is working against the gay marriage ban. I was all ready to sign his petition or whatever, but he said that he was actually collecting donations. I'm not one to give out money to strangers on dark streets, but I admire the kid for giving it a shot, anyhow. It takes guts to go up to people in the dark when they're just getting home late at night and carrying tons of heavy bags and start talking about political issues, esp. something as touchy as gay marriage.


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