Sunday, October 17, 2004

Proft silent on departing "journalists"

This thread on the IllinoisLeader board is most amusing. It starts out asking why Fran Eaton and Jill Stanek -- two of the Leader's highly ranked employees -- departed just a few weeks before the election. The post by RealGOP sums up the flap:
    I know there are a lot of Fran Eaton fans out there.  But consider this.  What is the true measure of a person who joins in the "good fight" and then doesn't see it through but quits in the middle of the battle. Consider the following facts: 1.  In June, Eaton resigned as Secretary and  Member of the Board of the Illinois Center Right Coalition to devote full time to the Illinois Leader. 2.  In August, Eaton took a leave absence from the Illinois Leader to devote full time on the Keyes for Senate campaign.  3.  In September, Eaton resigned from the Keyes campaign and returned to the Illinois Leader. 4.  In October, Eaton resigned from the Illinois Leader. What's wrong with this picture, people?
Dan Proft, who runs the Leader and is a top Keyes campaign aide, contributed several times to the thread, but prefered to question Leader readers' mental stability rather than give an answer as to why Eaton left. One poster suggested that it may have something to do with the whopping fine that the Keyes campaign was given recently and the accusations that the campaign is inappropriately coordinated with a group that attacks Obama.


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