Monday, February 21, 2005

Property rights issue awaits Supreme Court

From the Associated Press:
    Fifteen houses are all that remain of Fort Trumbull, a once vibrant immigrant neighborhood flattened into expanses of rutted grass and gravel. The homes stand in defiance of New London's plan to pave the way for a riverfront hotel and convention center, offices and upscale condominiums. Refusing the city's efforts to get them to leave, seven families are going before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, arguing that the city has no right to take their private property solely for economic development. The rebellious homeowners include an elderly Italian immigrant, a mechanic and a former deli owner. "It's a case of the rich eating the poor," said Matthew Dery, who lives in one of four houses on a compound his family has owned since 1901. "Sometimes the poor are difficult to digest."
Chicago is messed up enough with the mayor's development schemes (see Morse Hell Hole), but can you imagine what kind of license he'd have if the Supreme Court doesn't protect these people's homes? By the way, where's so-called property rights expert Joyce Morrison on this issue? Too busy connecting environmentalism to her blind cat?


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