Sunday, February 13, 2005

Maya Keyes in the Washinton Post

...ahead of her speaking appearance at a LGBT event tomorrow. I thought this was moment in the piece is especially interesting:
    Still, when I asked Maya whether she is glad her father lost the election, she stopped short. "Should you really be asking that question? I mean, I suppose there is a conflict, but I'm not sure I wanted him to lose. I disagree with nearly all his views, but he's very honest and has a lot of integrity."
It goes to show you that blood is thicker than politics. Unlike her father, Maya seems to understand that there is nothing more important than family, regardless of who they are or what they believe. In spite of the fact that there are confessed murderers on death row who get more love and support from their families than Maya has from hers. If you can't have compassion for those who you've raised as your children or for those who have raised you, then that really puts you one notch down on the food chain, in my book. At any rate, now that she's fully out, Maya seems poised for a career in the public eye. I hope she runs for office someday.


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