Monday, February 07, 2005


Just saw the movie "Ray" of those strange situations where I could see the Jamie Foxx getting the Oscar for best actor, but it would be an outrage if Ray were named best picture. So many gaping holes. Like in the first half of the movie, Charles twice freaks out while having hallucinations of the dead body of his brother and water. But then after the incident with his brother is revealed in the movie, the hallucinations just go away. No more hallucinations. Nor were the hallucinations realistic. In one hallucination, his suitcase is full of water and he pulls out a child's arm. Another one, the floor is covered with water and he reaches out and touches a small foot. But when you see the brother's drowning, Charles is just standing there. He doesn't go into the water or touch the body. It was all disconnected. Maybe I'm over analyzing, but in general I found the telling of the story overtly manipulative. The only other movie that I've seen in the best picture category is "the Aviator" which was a great movie -- really well done on every level.


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