Monday, January 10, 2005

So bummed!

Posted today on is site creator Ron Gunzburger's fond farewell to blogging. Apparently, he's not going to continue to update Politics1, a most invaluable online resource. In fact, for my money, was the resource for who's running for office and who's not. What made Politics1 so unique is that Ron went out of his way to track down and list all of the potential candidates for office, including all of the strange little third parties. He'd even post the occasional news item about, for instance, the Prohibition Party or the Natural Law Party. His series entitled "He's Never Heard of You Either" profiled the eccentric, strange, weird and even scary people who run for president that don't make it onto primetime news (even when they get arrested). Always brief and laced with wit, Gunzburger's columns were a joy to read and never dull. Though Politics1 will be sorely missed, I wish Gunzburger well in whatever he does and will always hold out hope he revives the project one day. Thanks, Ron, and take it easy.


Blogger Amy Allen said...

I concur!

1/11/2005 07:05:00 AM  

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