Sunday, February 13, 2005

Crossing the line

Well, if you ever want to know what Modern Vertebrate said about the 2006 senate races a couple of months ago, you could always go here: I came across this site in a search for information about a related topic and found it quite familiar. There is no mention of where they copied it from, which makes it outright THEFT. UPDATE: I just found another example of pure theft: This one from something called the Council for a Livable World, whatever the hell that is. This one is even signed by John Isaacs. He changed some of the state analysis, but for several entries, he just lifted what I wrote. What galls me is that they have this warning at the bottom: "The contents of this page may not be reproduced with attribution in whole or in part without further permission." What nerve, to steal someone else's work, and then warn others that they'd better not steal it from them. I feel like sending them a bill.


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