Thursday, November 11, 2004

M.V. back in action after getting hitched

As much as I would have loved to blog during the election, alas, I was doing something much, much better. I got married on Oct. 30, and we left for the honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta right after that. I was completely cut off from election news except for my one lifeline: CNN Worldwide, a mostly British channel, which was kind enough to switch to U.S. coverage as the polls began to close on Nov. 2. It was a dreadful election, but the bad news goes down easier when you're in paradise. Since I've come back I've been telling people that I don't actually know the results of the election and I'm saving the surprise for Inauguration Day. So don't spoil it for me! But seriously, the wedding was a hoot. As was the honeymoon. So who is this lovely lady, the new Mrs. M.V.? Well, she's a Glen Ellyn native and a graduate of Cornell College in Iowa and the Pratt Institute, a fancy-pants graphic design school in New York City, and she currently works as a graphic designer in Chicago. Her family is quite wonderful. She is bright, creative, beautiful, thoughtful and seems to put up with me pretty well, in spite of my politics habit. So, anyway, that's why I've been so quiet lately.


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