Saturday, July 02, 2005

Novak on the Daley/Durbin spat

Just in case you ever thought venerable conservative columnist Bob Novak had a clue, you should read his column on the Daley/Durbin feud. Prepare to laugh out loud.
    "Daley sees Durbin as typical of today's negative, Washington-oriented Democratic Party. Daley, a born and bred loyal Democrat, is a builder rather than a political hit man. … "Daley seldom speaks out publicly about his party. He did in April 1995 when I visited his office. … "But Democrats nationwide might well consider the occupant of Chicago's City Hall as a model.
Now I really have heard everything. But I can see why Novak has a fondness for Daley. After all they both have something in common: They both shit their pants every time someone says the name Patrick Fitzgerald.


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