Friday, April 15, 2005

Greens elected

From the Green Party e-newsletter. Congrats to Illinois' first two elected Greens. May many more follow:
    ILLINOIS Over 45,000 voters voted for a Green in Illinois's general election on April 5, 2005. Seven candidates ran for office all over the state. Both Scott Summers, an attorney from Harvard, Illinois, and Anna Lempart, a student from Urbana, Illinois won their elections. Scott was elected to the McHenry County Community College District Board of Trustees and Anna was elected to the Champaign-Ford Regional Board of School Trustees. These were competitive races in very large districts.
Oh, but there is more interesting stuff from the Green Party newsletter. It's always interesting to note when a Democrat is doing something constructive. Positive reinforcement.
    MAINE Reps John Eder (Green) and Ben Dudley (Democrat) have introduced two bills in the Maine legislature that would deny corporations their 'personhood'. Corporations currently hold legal status as 'persons' thanks to an anticonstitutional court ruling in the 19th century); the bills specify that a corporation does not have the same constitutional rights as a human, such as the right to engage in political speech or activity. Reclaim Democracy Project on Corporations, Law & Democracy


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