Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Primary schedule changes

The Democrats are looking to change the primary schedule. Howard Dean was right: the current system of Iowa and New Hampshire deciding the nominees does hand the electoral system over to a few special interests. I don't know what the system should be, but other states need to have greater influence in the process. Besides, Iowa seems to pick shitty candidates. Observe: Democrats 2004 Say what you will about the man, but Howard Dean had a sincerity and passion that Kerry could not match, only fake. John Kerry 38% John Edwards 32% Howard Dean 18% 2000 Iowa seriously dropped the ball here. I think the basketball player might have had better luck against the cheerleader. Al Gore 63% Bill Bradley 35% 1992 In the words of Camper Van Beethoven, "Where the Hell is Bill?" Tom Harkin 77% Paul Tsongas 4% Bill Clinton 3% 1988 The guy with the bow tie might have been a big hit. Gephardt is about as interesting as warm milk. Richard Gephardt 31% Paul Simon 27% Michael Dukakis 22% Jesse Jackson 9% 1984 When facing a president who is a popular former actor, you TAKE THE FUCKING ASTRONAUT!!! Walter Mondale 49% Gary Hart 17% George McGovern 10% Alan Cranston 7% John Glenn 4% 1976 Who says Iowa ever picked a Democratic president. Seems to me, that they definitely did not pick Jimmy Carter. Uncommitted 37% Jimmy Carter 28% 1972 Nicely done. Iowa's one smart move. Uncommitted 36% Edmund Muskie 36% George McGovern 23% Republican 2000 Thanks a lot, ya morons! George Bush 41% Steve Forbes 30% Alan Keyes 14% Gary Bauer 9% John McCain 5% 1996 What's the obsession with Bob Dole all about? Bob Dole 26% Pat Buchanan 23% Lamar Alexander 18% 1988 Less than 1 of 5 Iowans got it right. Bob Dole 37% Pat Robertson 25% George Bush 19% 1980 Iowa's #2 choice went on to be only one of the most popular and influential presidents of all time. George Bush 32% Ronald Reagan 30% 1976 What can I say? Gerald Ford 264 precincts Ronald Reagan 248 precincts


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