Monday, March 21, 2005

As fundraising gimicks go...

...this one from the DCCC is quite amusing. You know DeLay's got game.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Primary schedule changes

The Democrats are looking to change the primary schedule. Howard Dean was right: the current system of Iowa and New Hampshire deciding the nominees does hand the electoral system over to a few special interests. I don't know what the system should be, but other states need to have greater influence in the process. Besides, Iowa seems to pick shitty candidates. Observe: Democrats 2004 Say what you will about the man, but Howard Dean had a sincerity and passion that Kerry could not match, only fake. John Kerry 38% John Edwards 32% Howard Dean 18% 2000 Iowa seriously dropped the ball here. I think the basketball player might have had better luck against the cheerleader. Al Gore 63% Bill Bradley 35% 1992 In the words of Camper Van Beethoven, "Where the Hell is Bill?" Tom Harkin 77% Paul Tsongas 4% Bill Clinton 3% 1988 The guy with the bow tie might have been a big hit. Gephardt is about as interesting as warm milk. Richard Gephardt 31% Paul Simon 27% Michael Dukakis 22% Jesse Jackson 9% 1984 When facing a president who is a popular former actor, you TAKE THE FUCKING ASTRONAUT!!! Walter Mondale 49% Gary Hart 17% George McGovern 10% Alan Cranston 7% John Glenn 4% 1976 Who says Iowa ever picked a Democratic president. Seems to me, that they definitely did not pick Jimmy Carter. Uncommitted 37% Jimmy Carter 28% 1972 Nicely done. Iowa's one smart move. Uncommitted 36% Edmund Muskie 36% George McGovern 23% Republican 2000 Thanks a lot, ya morons! George Bush 41% Steve Forbes 30% Alan Keyes 14% Gary Bauer 9% John McCain 5% 1996 What's the obsession with Bob Dole all about? Bob Dole 26% Pat Buchanan 23% Lamar Alexander 18% 1988 Less than 1 of 5 Iowans got it right. Bob Dole 37% Pat Robertson 25% George Bush 19% 1980 Iowa's #2 choice went on to be only one of the most popular and influential presidents of all time. George Bush 32% Ronald Reagan 30% 1976 What can I say? Gerald Ford 264 precincts Ronald Reagan 248 precincts

DC voting rights

I'm glad to see the idea of DC getting representation in Congress is gaining steam. DC currently has a non-voting representative and no senators.

Justice served

WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers was found guilty on nine counts of accounting fraud to the tune of $11 billion. I hope he gets the maximum of 85 years sentence.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Cronin not running for Congress

The Chicago Tribune reports that state Sen. Dan Cronin (R) won't run for veteran lawmaker Rep. Henry Hyde's seat, should Hyde decide not to run for re-election in 2006. From the Tribune:
    Cronin, who has four young children, said the timing in his family life was not right to consider an office that would require an extended amount of time in Washington. "I can't in good conscience go to Washington and give up my role as a husband and a father," Cronin said.
State Sen. Peter Roskam is the leading contender at this point for the Republicans. Meanwhile Christine Cegelis, who received a surprising 44% of the vote against Hyde in 2004, recently announced raising more than $20,000 for her 2006 campaign.